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The 1st breakfast trip

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

So, as thought of, the target for now is to visit and enjoy early morning breakfast (5th October, 2021) in and around Fergusson college & Bhandarkar Road. While, let me admit, we always wanted to visit all these places since a long time but with the parking issues, we would always end up procrastinating it.

But with bike around, at least the parking issues are out of the equation!

So to start with we thought, let us visit FC, Prabhat, Bhandarkar Road and in & round (before we start venturing into the mountains of Panchgani or Lonavala).

So as any Punekar would do, the 1st breakfast visit should be Vaishali on FC Road.

Reality Check: Vaishali is not about food! It’s about Atmosphere/Ambience Location and an Iconic & Cultural landmark .

Vaishali is one of the most popular restaurant among the students and old timers of Pune, The ambience is youthful and price factor is also average and that is the main reason why Vaishali has become a hot hang out of Pune’s student community.

One can comfortably sit inside and order their food or else they can sit on open air as the joint offers both the options. It is very difficult to find any vacant place in Vaishali during the hot evening hours.

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We biked out way to Vaishali from the suburban side of west Pune. It takes around 20 mins in the morning and with cool breeze into the face, what a fun it is. But sadly we did not take pictures of the joint as we were too much engrossed in ordering and then eating and then riding back home!

Share your story about this place if you have already visited or plan to visit!


Vaishali Restaurant 1218/ 1, Fergusson College Road

Pune - 411 004 Phone no: 020 2553 1244

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