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Pursuit to Persia

Come 9th October, we along with our pals (Chinmay and Priti) decided to make yet another biking trip to yet another breakfast! And this time it was to one of my favourite joints of Irani Cafe. The one at Prabhat road had been on my list but never visited. I guess, I was waiting for the bike since last 10 years (lol).

Chinmay (another bike enthusiastic I know) took his 500 CC beast (RE Classic) for the ride. Parsi joints are one of those fews who open their doors for the guests as early as 6 AM. So, we had an opportunity to leave early. And we did.

Again, nice ride early morning. 25 minute ride as you can imagine is more of a pleasure ride than any adventure one. But it's fun to face the cool morning breeze while riding.

Irani cafe at Prabhat road is full of Irani theme. Ambience is what attracts the attention. Food is always good, and yes, we ate a lot!!

Not that we could order all that's on their menu but we did end up ordering some of their most popular stuffs.

Map to Irani Cafe, Prabhat Road

One can always visit and find more of their locations, their menus and share your Irani story!!

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