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2020, The Year That Wasn't

Saying 2020 was an eventful year would be an understatement. The generation occupying the planet saw a rare pandemic. But, hey, from the vantage point of a cartoonist, the year of 2020 gave me enough unfiltered view of life. And ironically, it inspired me to do cartoons that can tickle your funny bone. If you are going to tell people the truth, better be funny else they will kill you. And what better way to do it using cartoons!

5 people in his life 

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If we observe carefully, we can see that the people that we come across every day, have some peculiar idiosyncrasies.

Some responses are robotic, some IVR types. Many euphemistic and ephemeral. And all of them sound downright funny if we slice and dice the conversations into straight humour. Slyness, opportunism, aggression, innuendos.


Be it anything which is second nature to humans, and it can translate to humour.


Through “5 people in his life”, the author tries to bring those funny encounters that a man may be facing when dealing with 5 types of people. And hence the title, “5 people in his life”.


In the title, the “man” is the person who encounters 5 people from various walks of life.

We often hear the phrase “men are men”. But apart from being common as “men”, what is also common is the kind of people “men” deal with.

This commonality is explored in the book through the funny lens of the author and in the form of cartoons.

The book explores some everyday situations that “he” deals with 5 typical type of people. But while these situations are examined, the author tries to extract the funny side of the same. And this is illustrated in the form of cartoons & single panel gags.

5 People In His Life - Amber
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