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What is YO YO test?

Yo Yo Test Results
Yo Yo Test Results

So what is #YOYO test? And why is it so important and talked about topic these days for #IndianCricket and #BCCI?

#YOYOtest is a fitness test developed by a Danish Soccer physiologist Jens Bangsbo.

It is a part of the fitness tests in the soccer teams of most of the European countries but now an integral part of #Indian #Cricket fitness regime.

Still, it is not an entirely new thing to cricket as Australia, New Zealand and English cricket teams already have the Yo-Yo endurance test in their fitness portfolio.

In short, Yo-Yo test has three points, say, X, Y and Z. With point Y in the middle, X and Y are kept at a 5m distance and points Y and Z at 20m range.

The players initially start at point Y sprinting towards Z and back to Y to have a recovery walk to X. Walking back to Y, they will again begin to running to Z.

So mathematically, 40 meters run including a turn continued with a 10 meters recovery walk. And the process continues in the loop.

Importantly, every distance has to be covered within the time limit (indicated by beep sound).

And the time decreases for every next run. For instance, if a player runs his first 40m in 13 seconds, then he will have to complete his 21st run in 8 seconds probably.

The athlete's score is the total distance covered before they were unable to keep up with the recording. The Yo-Yo test intermittent test usually takes between 6-20 minutes for level 1 and between 2-10 minutes for level 2.

Check out one video on it at

But enough of serious talks.

Let us see what happens if you fail to pass the #yoyotest:

1. You can be called back from the field (even if you are playing on 100+)

2. Your marriage proposal can be rejected on lack of endurance ground.

3. Your dad may not buy you a #yoyo.

4. You may need to by #sinkara #tonic!

And till then, let us enjoy the #cartoon!

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