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The infinity

I am always intrigued by the idea of infinity. Infinity has many meaning in different context. In the mathematical context, infinite is a large number while in the context of physics, it is the endless dimension.

But in the context of arts, literature and music - it has a completely different understanding. I would like to stick to the world of arts for this article. Art is certainly subjective and it's interpretation changes from person to person . Whereas, science is not. Some might argue that they should remain distinct, but when put together - seen through an intersecting lens (like in mash up), they compliment each other nicely.

Infinite drawing or illustrations can be related with the impossible circles, triangles or 3 dimensional 3 triangles.

This illustration depicts some of the attributes around elements of infinity. The infinite stairs, walk of the life, land, air, breath and life itself.

One of the quality of infinity is that if an infinite set is a well-ordered set, then it must have a nonempty, nontrivial subset that has no greatest element. It talks a lot about how we should live our life.

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