top of page on its way to welcome​ 2018!!

As we come to the end of 2017, toons have started preparations for #welcoming 2018.

But, before taking a forward-looking view for 2018, let us take a step back and ponder on how did 2017 treated our toons.

2017, was for sure an exciting year for the toons out here.

One of the biggest releases from the house of in the year 2017 was publication of its flagship book "5 people in his life" - link (#5PIHL)

And the response, we got from our fans, readers and well-wishers were "wow". 2018 is going to see the release of yet another book. And this time it is going to be for sure a bigger one with more toons and fun-filled pages.

During the year of 2017, toons were seen across multiple mediums, like:

  • Surat's oldest daily  "Gujarat Mitra"

  • "Say yes to project success" book (link)

  • Prudour (link)

  • Techlila (link)

  • Webinars

But idea is to end the year with yet another release. And the latest release is in form of 2018 desk calendar.

It is not just a plain vanilla or a cookie cutter calendar but each month has a flavour of unique humour that relates to the corresponding month.

Take a firsthand look at some of its snaps and brace your self for more!!!!

Few snaps of the upcoming 2018 toons & fun-filled #calendar!!

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