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Toonstory as a brand

#Toonstory as a brand is reshaping itself with the launch of the new website (playful home for the toons). Check out the new site -

With the site, also comes for the first time a 3 pea logo to give fun identity to itself. The logo is not just a fun and cute looking drawing but has the vision and mission embedded into it.

The 3 peas signify the 3 most important personalities in Amber's life.

  1. #Amber himself. - Yea, Amber is important for Amber. It is his personality and nature of finding humour in the serious situation is keeping the toons alive and keeping them funny.

  2. #Mayuri - Mayuri is Amber's better half. Yea, she is better than him. It is through her critical eyes that each toon has to pass through. She provides the critic required for each toon before they see daylight.

  3. #Agastya - He is 7 years old kid of Amber and Mayuri who brings cuteness, fun, youthfulness, energy, and innocence.

The logo, of 3 peas is what makes "" what it believes in, that is "spread the message of humour and allowing readers to take a tiny vacation from doldrums, sadness, and stress."

Green colour one sees on the logo signifies the prosperity and happiness that nature brings to our lives.

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