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My Way Or Highway - Friends Turning Foes?

Friends turning foes!
Friends turning foes!

Many of us are blessed with wonderful friends and companions. We might have been friends for years, or we could have made new friends. But, with the friend, we share the common characteristic wavelength and are likeminded.

But that doesn't mean that we should always share the same ideology as our friends. It is apparent that we all come from a different background will sometime have divergent thinking and beliefs. This difference of opinion is helpful as it helps to give us different perspectives and opportunities to think differently.

And one common denominator of discussion among the friends these days is "politics". And the new pattern popping out is, simple (non-harmful) conversations turns into arguments. And opinions are strong. These conversations are "generally" not around real issues, but it revolves around individuals or political parties.

Not agreeing to one's political views can be risky
Not agreeing to one's political views can be risky

I am right and you are wrong because, everyone other than me is a donkey!
I am right and you are wrong because, everyone other than me is a donkey!

Again, nothing wrong.

However, in recent times when the use of social platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging Apps, etc.) are on a roll, interactions with friends and family members have increased. And when conversations turn into an argument - that is where things start getting ugly.

The passionate and aggressive style of discussions takes place and instead of understanding the perspective of the other - discussion is more around the fact that "You know nothing and I know more than something - so, I am right, and you are wrong."

These arguments go on and on over public or private platforms. The core point in most of the cases goes for a toss and ego backed biased heated arguments kicks in.

And philosophy is simple - it has to be my way or highway. And highway means, you are no longer my friend but an enemy of the nation!

But maybe with the disposal of information at our fingertips (cooked and half cooked), we all feel smarter than the other, fueling the egos.

Long friendship suddenly turns bitter because we have a different political ideology. Is it worth?

Share your thoughts or anecdotes on what you feel on this pattern!

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