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My Own Tetrapod

I was always fascinated by the shape of a tetrapod. As per Wikipedia - Tetrapods are a type of structure in coastal engineering used to prevent erosion caused by weather and longshore drift, primarily to enforce coastal structures such as seawalls and breakwaters.

Looking at the structure of a tetrapod, there are 3 legs and one head. It inspired me to come up with an illustration that depicts at least 3 legs (the 4th one being hidden) and build a community around it.

The importance of staying in community cannot be felt more especially during the pandemic time. However, I wanted to add a lot of details, fun elements, various aspirations, illusion and hope. These are some of the attributes we need to stay happy while living in a community setup.

Tetrapod encapsulates one more attribute that is super important for the community living - the ability to provide interlocks. Interlocking the relationship is something super important for a sustainable community living. Hence, while illustrating my idea of community living, showcasing the interlock was another important aspect.

There's an embodiment of hope while doing this illustration. The hope of folks staying together, helping each other, eating together, relaxing together and enjoying together. I made sure, I give enough importance to the detailing. The texture on the wall highlights the texture of our lives.

Another fascination I always have is around the windows. Across the world we find so many types of windows and they signifies the culture and provides an artistic perspective of the geographical region.

This illustration eludes to the same feeling and somehow I wanted to take and give the experience of what all I said.

There's a lot happening in here, sip a coffee (or tea), sit back and enjoy the illustration.

Share your feedback, observations, what you find interesting (happening in it) by posting your comments.

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1 Comment

Pradeep Chandran
Pradeep Chandran
Jul 05, 2021

Good thought and well explained with your cartoon skills. Your apartment is a tetrapod. Your family members as well have tetrapod characters.

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