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Funny take on linking of Aadhaar!!!

How important is #Aadhaar card? Isn't it a no-brainer that these days and even in the coming days or weeks or months or years, Aadhaar will be playing a pivotal role not only in the economy of states and countries but also in our households?

For almost everything, one needs to link their "Aadhaar" card. Without "Aadhaar" card - there is no "Aadhaar".

While there have been many developed countries where having a single number to link one's identity is in place (e.g. in the #US, #SSN is like what Aadhaar number is for India), but it is for sure not less than a controversy.

Many commentators have argued that to eliminate someone from the system, it is not required to kill the person - but just remove person's identity like SSN or Aadhar No. from country's database.

When one's #fingerprints, #retina, phone number, bank accounts, #passport, etc. are linked with Aadhaar and if Aadhaar is de-activated - that person is no more than a zombie!!

But then, it is the matter of trusting your government at the end of the day. There are ample of positives as well, isn't it? With one's Aadhaar linked the direct payments, government reimbursements, subsidies and so on.

Oh serious discussion!!!

Just imagine, for everything Aadhaar is made mandatory!!??!?!

Let us humorously imagine few situations where Aadhaar was made mandatory:

  1. I would like to fill in #petrol - but only if my Aadhaar is linked to my license.

  2. I would like to buy #toothbrush - but only if my Aadhaar is linked to my tooth-prints.

  3. I would like to be handed over just born my baby - but only Aadhaar of my few minutes old baby is linked to mine.

  4. I would like to buy onions - but only if my veggie seller has linked his / her Aadhaar with to PAN

  5. I would like to complete my food - but only if by then I have linked my Aadhaar with the restaurants'.

  6. I would like to get car's tyre filled with air - but only if I have linked my Aadhaar with the mechanics'.

  7. I would like to complete reading my book - but only if by then I have linked my #Aadhaar with the publisher!!!

There are, I am sure much more such imaginative anecdote that one can think of. So, why don't you (the reader) share some of your thoughts / imaginative situations? And I can give it a shot by drawing a #toon around it!!!

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