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Automation & its​ Automatic Impact

In recent times we have been hearing a lot about #automation.

We have been concerned about how automation is going to or is already replacing so many #jobs!

Let us understand what automation means in today's context. IMO, any activity that can be executed automatically by a "#bot" by following a certain number of steps is automation.

Automation does not mean that we are going to see robots walk on roads. But instead, we will find a chip in almost device (#car, #machines, #assembly lines, etc.) which is running on the command of an artificial intelligence-driven software.

Automation is or will provide benefits to practically all of industry. Such as:

  • #Manufacturing, including food, cars, home appliances, personal assistance, pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum, pulp and paper, home construction, etc.

  • #Transportation, including automotive, aerospace, and rail, water vehicles.

  • #Utilities, including water and wastewater, oil and gas, electric power, and telecommunications

  • #Defence - Drones, automatic missile systems, etc.

  • Facility operations, including security, environmental control, energy management, safety, and other building automation

  • #Services - Personal assistance, schedules, call centres, information and technology, (RPA or Cognitive automation), smart homes, etc.

Automation crosses all functions within the industry from installation, integration, and maintenance to design, procurement, and management. Automation even reaches into the marketing and sales functions of these industries. And only way to secure our work is to make sure that we enhance our skills such that what we do is not repeatable in any form.

Oops....again so serious conversation....

Let us take a funny view on automation. Some of the use cases that can show us some funny side of automation could include:

  • Automating playing a game (like football or cricket)

  • Automating eating and drinking based on energy level in the body

  • Automating organ transplants

  • Automating delivery of babies

I am sure there are so many situations which if is seen through the lens of automation, can produce humour. So, why don't you also take a stab and share your perspective by sharing it in the comment section?

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