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Airline fracture?

The recent incident of #manhandling and beating up a #passenger is an alarming state of affairs and a question on humanity.

We may recollect, this is not the first incident where an #airline staff is beating the passenger. (sic - it has already happened in the #US). Hence, the bigger question is, as human have we lost all compassion?

While the above sentiments can for sure sadden your day but what if we paint this situation with #humorous touch?  #Indian Grapple Offer from India's best grappling airline!

In that case, is the Indian Grapple Offering an India's best grappling airline!

This could be a potential advertisement then:

Never before....Personalised on tarmac interactive experience. 1. GOT..Grapple on Tarmac 2. Fists and Cuffs..Get kinky on tarmac with fist on face and cuff on wrists 3. Personalized service by 3 ground staff per passenger 4. Bite the dust in 2 easy steps 5. Share with your friends and family! We understand your craze for social media. We offer live video coverage of the entire GOT experience. All our videos are #WhatsApp, #Facebook and TV compatible. 6. Personalized call from our CEO post GOT and a multi-page write up on the GOT event with frame by frame narration. 7. In-flight insurance extended now to the tarmac (conditions apply: limited to only fixing fractures and bruises. Does not cover pre-existing conditions) 8. Hurry..Limited offer! Pay INR 999 and get a fist on the face!

If the state of affairs continues the same way, then isn't it worth advertising the above way?

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