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The Journey

Ever wonder how the journey of cartooning begun for Amber?


Check out the info-graph for Amber.


You may also want to check out some of the early day's toon from Amber's toon diary.


The journey started as early as when I was in standard 3 when I would draw Mickey / Donald on the blackboard in the classrooms when teachers were not around.


Although, I would always scribble the toons while was in school or college, never thought of publishing them or taking them to the larger audience. But sometimes, in 2013 I thought of starting an Album in FB and uploaded some of my toons in them.


Seeing the response I was getting, I was motivated in starting a blog for my toons and eventually a web-site. Also, was the time to name their home which I named as "toonstory".


From 2013 onwards, the response and toon's reach has increased and started affiliating the toons with popular blogs or sites. Such affiliation increased my target audience and toon's reach.


The best thing to happen till date (Nov 2016) is getting associated with Gujarat Mitra. The 153-year-old newspaper is one of the most popular dailies in Surat and adjoining areas.


For sure, the journey has in a true sense only started now. With the association of new friends (Mitra) in Gujarat, I am excited and sure that toons will spell the fun beans as they move forward.

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