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When the ​dog eats your passport?

It sounds funny, isn't it? But just imagine your #passport was lying on the dining table and your pet (dog) chews some portion of your beloved passport?

While it sounds (and is) funny, it sure can happen and it has already happened!! So this cartoon and blog are inspired by a true incident!

While it is funny to think about it, just imagine how would it feel for someone who's passport was eaten away! And what reason would you give while applying for a new one?

Reason for the new passport: My dog ate my passport.

But then what will you do with the dog? While how much irritated you are, I am sure you won't hurt the dog. And that is even more frustrating and hence the best thing is to take it in the stride and laugh it out loud.

The toon published in this blog shows the pet owner humorously punishes the dog by taking way the dog house.

Hence the #passport is a #mutilated. And what can do is that you’ll need to gather up all the passport pieces you can find. Stick them in a zip-lock bag. Even if there are only a few pieces of your passport left, you’ll need to submit them with your request for a replacement passport.

Maybe next time you won't keep the passport on dining table instead keep only food on it and put the passport in the cupboard.

But then, apart from dog eating / chewing away the passport, there can be more such funny anecdote. Listing some of them below:

  • Dip in the river

  • Dropped in the #toilet

  • Your kid #doodled over it

  • Your #kid used it as craft supplies (and made start out of it)

  • Smoked in #curry

  • Soaked in #beer

Do you have more such reasons? If so, please share them by commenting..

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