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The cartoon or the Gag?

We all like to laugh isn't? And there are many ways to make someone smile.

One of the oldest and never die way to make someone laugh is by telling a joke or sharing a gag.

But as a cartoonist, I would always want to wrap the gag (joke) by folding it around a cartoon (illustration or drawing as referred by many).

But then what value add does the cartoons, or the drawing does?

I know, it is a no brainer to conclude that good a joke even if wrap around a stick man type cartoon can do the job. And a mediocre joke with an excellent drawing may not make someone laugh.

But that is not the question I am trying to answer.

What if a good joke comes with a mediocre cartoon vs the same good joke coming with a good or contextual cartoon.

I think I know the answer, but still, I am putting it for my readers to answer and share their perspectives.

Consider following options:

Option 1: Just the joke:

Friend 1: Why was your wife shouting on you?

Friend 2: Instead of putting her picture on Facebook, I uploaded it on OLX.

Option 2: Consider the following cartoon.

Option 2 - Good Joke but OK OK drawing

Option 3: Consider the following cartoon.

Option 3 - Good Joke with good drawing

Option 4: Consider the following cartoon.

Option 4 - Good Joke with contextual screenplay cartoon

Option 5: It doesn't matter how good or bad or contextual the cartoon is. If the gag is interesting/funny - it goes doesn't need any cartoon.

PS: For my international readers, OLX is an online service in India where people can buy and sell old stuff.

So, the question is - out of the four options talked above, which one will you choose. And if possible, do share your rationale.

It is more like a social experiment, and I want to do with the cartoon and not just by throwing the question.

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